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The first GTA website that I was a member/admin/3dmodeler at and the first site that I left due to differences of opinion between me and some members of the staff. I had removed all my mods from the site when I left and have since then given them and any other GTA site permission to host my mods with out the fear of removal by me!

The GTA Place

This is where I moved to when I left GTAGAMING! It was a good site and I had a good time there untill I started getting told what I should and should not post in the news. With that argument it was desided by me that I just needed my own site where I could do what I wanted! So i packed up my shit and left!

GTA Warehouse

This site has been around a long time and deserves a spot on this page!


This is the home of Oleg the creator of Zmodeler2 which is the program I use to make 3d models and mods for GTA. Keep checking Olegs forums for information on the new import/export filters that he is creating for Zmodeler2 to edit models in GTAIV.